Double Delight Roses!

I have to say, the hands-down winner of “best blooms of the season” goes to all four of my “Double Delight” roses.   Wow!   Not only do these guys require very little maintenance, but they produce a ton of blooms, each of which is beautiful, smells amazing, and is a little bit different than the one that came before it.   I have so many, I keep giving them away to anyone and everyone who comes by my house.

I have taken a zillion photos of all of the double delights this season, and here are some of my favorites–

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“Blue Girl” Roses

No exclamation point today, although I was pretty excited when this one decided to come back to life and bloom finally.   This is a “Blue Girl” rose, and it is much fussier than it’s direct neighbor the “Double Delight.”   I have probably gotten a total of 5 full-size blooms off of this one this whole season, as compared to the five zillion I’ve gotten from the double delight (photos to follow).

Yes, I know– I should have cut this one before, but did I mention how fussy these plants are?   Wait one day too long and they start to wilt!  Over-water and they don’t like that!  Under-water and they don’t like that either!   I’m going to have to read up on what they DO like so I can do a better job with them next season.   I don’t think I would fill a whole garden with these, but I love the color and I’m glad to have the variety in the garden.



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Holy Hydrangeas!

I know, all of my posts lately have exclamation points, but I get SO EXCITED when I see actual flowers outside!

It rained a ton here in Seattle last winter/ spring, then the summer has been super warm.   I guess these were ideal conditions, because one day I went out into my backyard to find two huge, old-growth hydrangeas I had never noticed before!   After I got over my initial shock and joy, I trimmed the back a little, fed them, and have been watering and shading them consistently to make sure they don’t get too hot.    Now they are happy and sprouting more flowers than ever!    I kid you not, this is an un-enhanced photo of their actual color.  I have no idea how they got this way, and I don’t even know if you can tell the real scale of them from this photo.  Each one is the size of a human head.

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