Wellbutrin Side Effects

OK, this right here is a medication that made me bug out so badly, I thought I broke my brain for good.   Again, let me emphasize that I am only sharing my own experiences here, not trying to advise you in ANY way.  Wellbutrin works great for many people.  I am just going to tell you about my own personal experience so you can take that into account.  I wish this site (or any site, for that matter) had been around when I tried this one back in 2001, because YIKES.

First of all, I am now coming to believe that no psych doctor should prescribe you a totally new medication after only seeing you for 15 minutes.   I actually think that practice should not be legal, because how are they going to really get to know anything about you in that short a period of time?   I feel like if a doctor switches your meds after a 15 minute appointment, you owe it to yourself to thoroughly research what the side effects might be, because that doctor is clearly just trying the “throw spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks approach.”   If the medication they prescribe helps you, great!  If not, they are going to keep switching you onto different things, possibly indefinitely, leaving you to suffer through the side effects until you find something that works for you.   Note that the psychiatrist is still getting paid (by you and/ or your insurance company) even if your body/ your life is screwed up for days or weeks because of drugs they prescribe you, even if you are unable to go to work because of the side effects (I am saying this because this really happened to me).

So.  Wellbutrin.   I moved to New York in 2001, and once I was about to run out of my meds (I was taking Imipramine at this time) I used my health plan to find a new psych doctor (because my doctor in San Francisco would not keep prescribing meds if I didn’t live there, which I guess is fair).   This doctor (let’s call him Dr. X) was exceptionally uninterested in my lengthy history of anxiety/ depression and all the meds I had tried.    I think my mistake was mentioning the fact that I had been on Xanax and Imipramine for years (with brief trials of Paxil and Effexor) and that I felt like the Imipramine was starting to lose its effect.   Dr. X had some theories he was experimenting with and some new drugs he wanted people to try, so he immediately wanted to switch me off of the Imipramine and onto Wellbutrin.

This is where I should have stopped and done more research.  Wellbutrin is indicated for the kind of depression where you can’t get out of bed or have no energy, and this has NEVER been one of my symptoms.  So, I am going to tell you right now, if you have more of an “anxious depression,” meaning you lean more toward the anxiety side, be extremely careful with Wellbutrin, because in my case, I was prescribed too much, and it ended up acting like speed in my body.